Martian Rocket Patrol is a super early work-in-progress idea that I'm currently roughing out in Unity. I'm very excited about exploring a vintage sci-fi theme with a more playful-looking style. (Please keep in mind this is a WIP prototype, and that some the meshes/textures like the characters are unfinished) Here's a movie of the current prototype:




WIP UI and graphic design ideas:





Here's an interesting recent test: I wanted to test out having an animated character bust in the level rendering to a texture on the UI canvas. Thanks to Unity this turned out to be pretty straight-forward (this character is SUPER temp, just took a few hours to get it modeled and rigged for this test):


I also started on the Evil Robot, using my usual process of developing a decent low-poly quick textured test to figure out composition, rigging issues, etc. Once that's ironed-out I'll start in on the high-poly model/texturing.




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