personal project (work in progress):

Remote Station was a prototype I originally started in UDK, and eventually rebuilt in Unity. The player controls a robot on a deep-space harvesting facility. Like most of my prototypes, I started with rough hand-painted models. Then I went back and started a high-poly pass on everything as well as continuing work on the scripting. Here's a video (still has many untextured scene assets, robot and aliens unfinished):



New Unity level with upgraded hallway meshes. This scene is using mostly spotlights along with Enlighten pre-computed GI bounce:



WIP graphic design ideas:


I've been doing a high-poly pass of the characters:


Early sketches:


Previous UDK Prototype:

To get the original prototype up-and-running quickly and figure out the art style, I made quick hand-painted textures for all the models. Here's what it looked like:



Here's a video of the original UDK prototype (with really rough art and gameplay):


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