3D Art

from my Steambots project


from my Construction Bots project


Level layout from my Train Prototype


Level layout from my Camera Prototype


Scene from Hills Prototype


wip player character in unity from Oil prototype

wip cave in Unity (some meshes still untextured, but rock walls, floor ceiling getting there)

Retopologizing the high-poly rocks for the ceiling, AO bake to texture


from Jets vs Space Monster


high-poly sculpts/ in-unity screen for my Astro Prototype

For these arthropod-y creatures I'm finding it easier to separate out the legs, pincers and sculpt with symetry on the brush:


substance painter screen from my crab guys


meshes from my Rocket Patrol prototype:


meshes from my Remote Station prototype


device test model



I did level layout and much of the modeling/texturing/lighting on this level from Bioshock 2





Here's a case where I designed a escape vessel, made low res models to figure out the shapes and test them in level, and did some paint-overs to hand over to the modeling team:



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