VFX art

Here's a VFX test scene (not gameplay) from my upcoming game: The Barnacle Squad

All animation and VFX by me, most VFX are layers of emitters in Unity, the straight shots use a point to point line renderer, the arched shots are handled with lerps in script.


Here's a different test scene (VFX not gameplay) from a different WIP project. Again, everything except the audio by me:



Here's a graybox scene making it easier to see the combat VFX in my astro prototype. Level meshes have tags for surface type (stone, etc) and I'm doing a raycast hit detection to place the burn decals on the surfaces.



Here's an rough unity prototype w some over the shoulder cave monster blasting (everything by me except for audio clips). Vfx wise the energy beam is pretty interesting: line renderer has a bunch of points that are randomly undated in script tomake the beam jump around. For the enemies, I swap out an exploded corpse w a canned collapse animation:

A better view of the energy weapon:


This one is from my Construction Bots project

Here's a scene I put together in Unity adding VFX and some simple scripting. The bot does collision detection on the road sections, triggering the proper jackhammer anims and FX:



and for something a little different:




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