Technical art

I recently rigged-up my old steam bot model and threw it into a unity scene:

Tech art wise, this uses simple joystick input, the foot step sfx/vfx are triggered by events in the animation cycle, which calls a function in script. The cows have collision detection that triggers the moo sfx/animation. The steam bot has a primary rig for calling walk/idle, and a secondary rig that runs the looping engine animation.

Viewfinder mode and snapshots from my camera prototype:

The camera viewfinder mode is simply switching between 2 Unity cameras, the 2nd with a post-process and more fish-eye FOV. I also add a mask to the canvas to create the frame and scratchy glass effect.


The most technically interesting thing was doing the picture taking. The scripting involved creating a new RenderTexture, creating a new Texture2D, using Camera.Render(), the ReadPixels/Apply the render texture to the new 2D texture. Then a new Sprite object is created and the 2D texture is assigned to the sprite. Lastly I added another sprite with old-school polaroid print looking border on top of the screen-captured sprite image.

The camera parts are parented to a skeletal rig, and I created a quick arm model/rig with a some basic animation poses. The Camera is rigged separately, and parented to the arms in Unity, since I'm calling diffent animations for the arms and camera separately.


Realtime vertex deformation in Unity from Snow Test

This is a recent Unity tech art demo I threw together over a couple days as I was learning about realtime painting on textures and applying this to a vertex offset shader.















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