I'm a freelance 3D game artist and game maker working in the San Francisco Bay Area, available for contract work.

I've long had an interest in art and design and its intersection with computer game technology. I've worked on a number of game projects for big studios such as Telltale Games, 2K Games, Stormfront Studios, Blizzard, and Knowledge Adventure.

In recent years I've done freelance work for various projects including: the Antarctic indie survival game Near Death (Orthogonal Games), and the data visualization tools for the Cyber Grand Challenge and Spectrum Collaboration Challenge (Void Alpha/DARPA)

I'm currently developing an indie turn-based tactics game called The Barnacle Squad

wishlist here: store.steampowered.com/ .../The_Barnacle_Squad/

As I've experimented with several game prototypes in recent years, I've been polishing my skills using the Unity engine. In addition to pushing my game art and level building expertise, these projects have taught me C# gameplay programming, and expanded my knowledge of UI design, VFX, SFX, rigging, and animation.

I graduated with an MFA in Art Practice from UC Berkeley and a BFA in Illustration from the Art Center College of Design. My primary software expertise is: Unity editor, Maya, Photoshop, Mudbox, Sub. Painter (secondary: Unreal, 3DS Max, Zbrush, Illustrator, Blender)

When not drawing on the computer, I enjoy spending time with my family, jogging in the park, and making/ eating tacos.

I also try to make 'art' art, usually paintings.

Some various non-game sketches

Some snapshots: ocean, urban, parks, Oakland, hills,











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