Astro Prototype (personal project):

Unity demo, slowly adding art content and gameplay as time permits.





Update: added more aliens, changed camera to more-top down shooter, expanded environment assets, added interior, trying to get a more fun gameplay loop going.



sketching ideas



Mudbox sculpt for big monster (I'm finding it easier for these arthropod-y creatures to separate out the legs, pincers and sculpt with symetry on the brush, much easier!):


Previous version:


Here's a prototype I've been playing around with in Unity, mainly focused on figuring out 3rd person camera/movement with zoom to over-the-shoulder FPS aiming/shooting as well as a chance to play with high-res asset pipeline.




Unity scene, instead of terrain sculpting in editor, I modeled the terrain tiles in Maya that snap together, then used Amplfy shader to create 4 layer blend material that uses RGB mask from Photoshop to blend between textures (dirt, rock, alien crust, alien goop):


potential UI style:





space crate baked from high-poly details in Maya, texturing in Photoshop:


mission shoulder patch:

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