Crab Prototype (personal project)

Latest Update: I tried to get this scene looking a bit better; added a water volume (amplify water shader) and set up particles/anim cycle events so the characters splash while running, plus sfx. Borrowed the small crab from barnacle squad to add a secondary enemy. Added some rudimentary melee swings to the player character (I'm new to scripting melee, its pretty bad now, needs lots of work!), and I figured out how to use Quaternion.LookRotation to keep lerping the Lobster Thing to look at the player once within attack range (transform.Lookat was too much popping).

Here's the latest crsature:


This time I wanted to get him moving around in Unity, get some gameplay started (not much yet, nav mesh agent punches player within range, player can take damage die):


mudbo sculpt:

Retopo in maya:


I wanted to try out SketchFab and also brush-up on my Substance Painter chops. This started as basemesh from Maya, sculpted in Mudbox, retopologized and textures baked in Maya, painted in Substance, rigged and animated in Maya, and assembled in Sketchfab.


mudbox sculpt:


wireframe and rig in maya:


from Sketchfab viewer:


sketching ideas:

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