Shape Generation Test (personal project)

These are quick tests I'm kicking around in Unity, generating shapes from a few basic parts and some randomization in the script:

This was a sort of random idea, I tried doing totally unlit materials:


Leaning into the plant/vine look, also added spawn delay so it grows a bit slower.


This one I tried randomly place a target sphere, then using Unity transform.LookAt function combined with a gradual rotation Lerp:


after noticing some plants, I tried rotation lerping each succesive node in a upward direction.


another variation, this time no branching, limit the angle resulting in strands


a variation of 5 where I played with the scale of each node as it grows


version 5, trying to get something more cluster-y


version 1




version 3: I added skeletal meshes to the mix, using a random generated playback speed for each one.




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