Snow Test (personal project)


This is a recent Unity tech art demo I threw together over a couple days as I was learning about realtime painting on textures and applying this to a vertex offset shader.


Step 1: I set up a joystick driven player object, then had the X,Z position modify a new 100x100 pixel 2Dtexture instance at runtime using the SetPixel() function.

Step 2: Next I set up a vertex shader using Amplify editor that uses a b/w mask to blend between high and low snow textures. This was applied to a 100x100 poly ground mesh the deforms based on the painted texture mask.

Step 3: I finally, I sculpted the ground mesh in Maya to make it more interesting. I added some rocks I had lying around, and made a quick snowman skeletal mesh with an animation blend between idle/moving.



Copyright 2020 Alex Munn